General FAQ's

What is MediMart?
MediMart is India’s largest and fastest growing company which provides health related products Online such as Organic, Ayurveda, Herbal, Home needs, Surgical and other essential products that you need every day from your mobile app and web.

What kind of products do you sell?
You can choose from over vast variety of products spread across various categories such as Organic, Ayurveda, Herbal, Home needs, Surgical and other essential products that you need every day from your mobile app and web.

What cities and locations do you operate in?
MediMart currently operates in Hyderabad and secunderabad. 

Do you deliver to my location?
We deliver in select localities across the cities we are present in. You can edit your location settings to check if we deliver in your area.

What is the minimum order value?
There is no minimum order value. However, each store has a minimum order value to qualify for free delivery. In case you do not reach the limit, a delivery charge will be levied against that order.

Do you charge any amount or taxes over and above the rates shown?
No, we do not charge anything over and above the rates shown. However, we do have a delivery fee in case the order per store does not reach the minimum order value for free delivery.

Can I track the status of my order?
All the details of the order including its present state is in Order History under My Orders tab on the Web. This will be soon released on app as well.

How can I make changes to my order before and after confirmation?
You can edit your order in the cart before checkout. If you’ve already placed your order, you can cancel or reorder with the required list from the web and this will be soon released on app as well.


Placing an order

How can I be sure the Products I order are of good quality?
Our Products vendors have a quality check process in place to ensure quality of the items delivered is up to the mark. Do let us know if you’re not happy with the quality of produce you have received.

How will I know if any item in my order is unavailable?
You will receive an SMS notification informing you about the unavailable items in this situation. Refunds (if any) will also be initiated within 4-6 hours.

Is it safe to use my debit/credit card to shop on MediMart?
Yes, it is. All transactions on MediMart are completed via secure payment gateways (PayUmoney) which are PCI and DSS compliant. We do not store your card details at any given time.

I’m trying to place an order today but it is getting scheduled for the next day. What can I do?
Depending on store timings and store capacities, your order may be scheduled for a different day. However, you can choose express delivery stores for same day delivery if you place an order before 8PM.

Can I schedule an order to my convenience?
Sure. At the checkout page, you can select a delivery slot of your choice.


Delivery related queries

Do you charge for delivery?
Every store has its own delivery charges which are waived off if you order above a specified minimum amount from the store. The minimum charges and the delivery charges will be mentioned on the app and the checkout page.

What are your delivery times?
We begin deliveries in some locations at 6AM and complete the last delivery by 8PM.

Can I change the delivery address of my order?
At this time, we do not offer this option. You can, however, cancel your order and reorder in a different locality.

What if I don’t receive my order by the scheduled time?
On rare occasions, due to unforeseen circumstances, your order might be delayed. In case of imminent delay, our customer support executive will keep you updated about the delivery time of your order. We will work with you to make sure you are not inconvenienced as a result of the delay.

Payments related queries 

How can I make payments at MediMart?
MediMart accepts multiple modes of payment. You can make online payments using credit cards, debit cards, netbanking, PayU Money. Cash on delivery (COD) is also available for orders less than Rs.5000.

When will I get my cashback?
If your transaction is eligible for a cashback, you will receive it within 72 hours of delivery in your account. In case of external promotions, you will receive it within 72 hours of placing your order.

How long do you take to initiate my refund?
The refund will be credited back to your original mode of payment, i.e. within 7-10 working days for debit/credit card payments and 24-48 hours for other wallets.

How can I review my receipt?
We handover the receipt from the merchant to you at the time of delivery. Also, you can look at your transaction history in the My Orders tab on the Web.

Cancellation & Returns 

How can I cancel my order?
MediMart provides easy and hassle free cancellation. You can cancel your order via the web before it is dispatched to your home. This option is available under the My Orders tab in View Details.

What If I want to return something?
If you’re dissatisfied with the products delivered, please register a complaint via the app within 48 hours for non-perishable items and 24 hours for perishable items. Our customer support team will get in touch with you to resolve this issue.

Can I reschedule my order?
Yes, you can do this by clicking on the need help option on My Orders section. Your order can be rescheduled to your convenience as per the options available provided it is not already enroute.

What if I have any complaint regarding my order?
You can use the Contact Us section on the web or give us a call at 04040033375 or reach us on mart@medintu.com. Our customer care executives are always happy to help. 


MyWallet FAQ's 


Why Medintu Wallet?

MyWallet, the Medintu wallet is a revolutionary one-stop repository for storing cash and promotional items intended for use on Medintu. Storing money into the wallet minimises chances of failed transactions when you are trying to make a purchase on Medintu. It's a fast, one-click checkout process for making payment on Medintu.

As a registered wallet user, you can:

a. Upload money into your wallet and use it as a prepaid account. It helps you set a budget for yourself or for your loved ones. It helps you check out in one click really fast.

b. Get refunds processed instantly into your wallet. No need to wait for a week for the money to get credited to your account by your bank / card issuer.

c. Make secure transactions from anywhere, since you do not have to enter your credit / debit card or bank account details every time. Especially useful if you are using someone else's mobile or computer. In short, a secure, safe and painless way to use Medintu. A world of advantages at your fingertips.

Do I have to pay extra charges for the convenience of using the wallet?

No. Your Medintu wallet is free for you to use, forever.


What is the benefit of getting instant refunds into my wallet?

When a link between your bank or card issuer and our bank snaps, or when a link between us snaps, you get what is called a payment gateway failure or a failed transaction. There is no single e-commerce site or payment gateway in the world where there is no chance of this ever happening. When that happens, the merchant will check the transaction status and send an advice to their bank to make a refund to the user's account.

However, from the time we initiate the refund back to your account, till the time the money actually shows up in your account, quite a few days pass by. In fact, it often takes a week or more, for the bank or card issuer to make the refund.

Through instant refunds, Medintu can help you get back your cash instantly, into your wallet. While WE wait for the cash to be credited back to us, we don't make you wait. The wait is on us. So, opting for instant refunds into your wallet will ensure that the refund for any failed transaction is credited back instantly into your wallet and you can use it to purchase from us immediately.


4) I have transferred money from an online cash recharge point into my wallet. Can I get the transferred money back in cash?

No. Cash uploads once done will not be refunded back in cash.


5) Can I transfer cash from MyWallet to my credit card / debit card / bank account?

Yes, you can transfer cash back to your bank account if you wish to. Use the "Transfer to Bank" feature on MyWallet page. Transfers to credit cards or debit cards are not allowed.


Enter your bank account details and verify your wallet account with the OTP that will be sent to your registered mobile number.

The bank account details are saved securely so that next time you can transfer money to your account quickly.

Enter the amount you wish to transfer and submit.

Conditions for transfer:


Does the cash stored in my wallet expire?

Any cash that you recharged through a debit card / credit card / netbanking account / recharge point, and any refunds that you received, is yours for lifetime. There is no expiry for cash coming from these sources.

However, if you have received some promotional cash from us or our partner merchants, which are valid for limited periods, then such cash may have expiry dates. In such cases, you would be able to check the expiry date of the same from your wallet account page.

However, please note that six months of complete inactivity on your Medintu account will attract a dormancy fee of INR 25/-. Hence please ensure that you use your wallet or at least log in once every six months.

I used my wallet to purchase that has got cancelled. How will I receive my refund?

You will get a full refund for any orders that have got cancelled. If you have used the wallet to make payment, then you will receive refund back into your wallet automatically. In case you have paid only part of the amount though the wallet, you may choose to transfer the entire refund into your wallet provided that the amount you paid from other sources has not already been transferred to the same source by us, and provided that at the time of cancellation, you already had an active MyWallet with the settings configured to receive all refunds into the wallet. Refunds for purchases paid for through other methods will be credited to your wallet only.

Refunds are automatically processed as soon as we have confirmation about order cancellation.


How can I recharge Mywallet?

You have a lot of easy recharge options. Use your debit card, credit card or netbanking account to top up your wallet. Very soon, more exciting recharge options will come your way, so watch out!


How much time will you take to resolve my query?

We normally take 3-5 working days to resolve any queries we receive over email mart@medintu.com. We will take care of your concerns as fast as we can.


Why do you need mobile number verification?

First reason, we want to make sure you have not made a mistake entering the number. In case you made a mistake, all your transaction alerts would keep going to a wrong mobile number. Neither you nor we would like that, so we use a secure and sophisticated way to ensure that the mobile number is correct.

Moreover, it is mandated by Indian law to ensure that all transactions done on any account are genuine and basic details of the transactor are captured. The mobile number is a unique identification we use, that is simple for you to remember as well.


Can I change my mobile number registered on my Medintu wallet?

You can change the mobile number registered with MyWallet provided the new number is not associated with another Medintu MyWallet account. You can change the mobile number from the profile section. An OTP will be sent to the new number and verified. Note that in case the current number is associated with other mobile wallets, the attempt to change mobile numbers can sometimes fail due to regulatory restrictions.


Can I change my email ID registered with my wallet?

No. As of now, once registered, you cannot change the email ID. In the rare case, you have entered a wrongly spelt email ID, please contact our help centre to deactivate the wallet account. You can then create a fresh wallet account. Money stored in such an account would not get transferred to the new account, so please check your profile details well before you upload any money!


Why do you need me to confirm that I am above 18?

The law does not permit us to register you unless you are above 18 years old, and like all good citizens, we respect the law.


Are my account details completely safe on your site?

Of course, We have the best security standards in the industry. We are PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) certified. We have the Entrust seal of data security compliance, which is the gold standard in more than 85 countries worldwide. We are compliant with Verified by Visa, MasterCard Secure Code, and American Express Safe Key.

Okay, if all this seems like jargon to you, in a nutshell, we are fanatics at ensuring your data and transactions with us are safe. The trust of over 8 million satisfied customers bears testimony to that.


I have insufficient cash in my wallet. Can I use other means to make the balance payment?

Yes, you can. You can use any combination of the payment options available on Medintu to complete a transaction. So, if for example, you have ordered worth Rs. 1000/-, and you have Rs. 250/- in your wallet, you can pay the balance Rs. 750/- using online payment methods.


Are there any other terms and conditions for using the Medintu wallet?

The terms and conditions for using the Medintu wallet are detailed out in the FAQs. Terms and conditions governing legal aspects of wallet use are also given on the site. Moreover, all the general terms and conditions given on the site of Medintu are also automatically valid when you transact through the Medintu wallet.


Can I make a partial payment with my wallet as per my wish?

No. For any transaction that you wish to make with the wallet, your wallet balance gets consumed first. Any balance amount left to be paid can be paid for using other payment methods. You can combine the wallet, Gift Vouchers, Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Netbanking or third party cash cards available on Medintu to complete your payment.


Can I buy Gift Cards using MyWallet?

Yes, you can buy Medintu Gift Cards using MyWallet. However, any promotional cash that you have in your wallet cannot be used to buy Gift Cards. Only the cash topped up by you can be used to buy Gift Cards. Promotional Cash (Medintu Credits) can be used to pay for services only.


What is MyWallet Card?

MyWallet Card is a Card which is linked to your MyWallet account. It is just like any debit card and the amount for any purchase made through MyWallet card will be debited from general cash available in your MyWallet account.


Where can I use MyWallet Card?

MyWallet Card can be used to make purchases on any online store in India which accepts Visa cards for payments. Please note that MyWallet card cannot be used on Medintu. You can use your MyWallet balance without the card directly on the payment page.


How do I use MyWallet Card?

MyWallet Card can be used to make a purchase on any online store in India which accepts Visa cards for payments.

Step 1: Simply visit the online store you want to make purchase from and chose ‘Debit Card’ as the payment option.

Step 2: Enter the 16-digit card number, expiry date and CVV. After entering the card details you’ll be redirected to ‘Verified by Visa’ page to authenticate the transaction.

Step 3: Enter ‘One Time Password’ sent to your registered mobile number to complete the transaction. Please note that if you don’t enter the valid OTP, the purchase will not be completed and no amount will be deducted from your MyWallet account.


Can I use Medintu Credits available in MyWallet account for purchases made through MyWallet Card?

No, Medintu Credits available in MyWallet account cannot be used for purchases made through MyWallet Card. Only general cash available in the MyWallet account can be used for purchases made outside Medintu.

23) What happens if my order is cancelled or there is a refund associated with a purchase made using MyWallet Card?

If for any reason (due to order cancellation or partial fulfilment etc.) the merchant initiates a refund for a purchase made through MyWallet Card, the refund would be made into the general cash account into the MyWallet.

Medintu is not responsible for initiating any refund for purchases made using MyWallet Card. Any refund has to be initiated by the merchant and Medintu would refund the amount immediately once the request for same has been received by us.

I no longer want to use MyWallet Card. How do I block the card?

If you want to block MyWallet card, visit the MyWallet settings section listed under the MyWallet dashboard. Click on ‘Block MyWallet Card’ and proceed.

1. Once a MyWallet Card is blocked, it cannot be used for making any payments.

2. Blocking MyWallet Card will not deactivate the MyWallet account.

3. MyWallet Card once blocked cannot be unblocked later.

4. If you want to use MyWallet Card after blocking, you can activate a new card which will have a different card number and other details.


What happens if I deactivate MyWallet account without blocking MyWallet Card?

If you deactivate your MyWallet account without blocking MyWallet Card, the card would no longer be valid for making any payments. However, once you activate your MyWallet account again, the same card can be used for making payments on any online store in India.